Project Description

From Valentino, to the NFL Store to Beats Head Phones, Knight Security has provided Loss Prevention and Retail Security for the past 10 years. Retail theft costs U.S retailers over $40 Billion, so hiring the right security company can help you avoid adding to these numbers. Knight Security staff is trained to approach customers in a professional and respectful manner. Our staff is trained to follow the Shoplifting Probable Cause steps before even approaching a subject. If your security sees someone take an item, our staff is trained to notify the MOD, work with the sales team and follow the proper protocol and procedures set forth by the client.

The truth is, the majority of loss prevention costs can be attributed to employees, not customers—whether it’s discount abuse, refund abuse and even credit card abuse. This is the loss prevention area that doesn’t receive as much monitoring as customer theft. While shoplifting remains a smaller inventory loss source than employee theft, stealing by shoppers still costs retailers about $10 billion annually.

Another important factor in hiring a security company, is to make sure their staff does not base customer surveillance solely on the race of a customer. This kind of surveillance is not only improper but is proven to be an ineffective method of controlling losses. Knight Security adheres to the highest standards and can provide properly trained staff you can rely on.

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