Knight Security prides itself on working with your company, and providing our security services to New York City at-large – covering your events. Protecting your shops and stores. Securing your cast and crew on film and TV productions. Providing fire and emergency safety plans and protocols, and security for your buildings and facilities. Now, in this “New” New York, Knight has teamed with industry leading professionals in Health & Safety, Disease Prevention, Cleaning & Sanitation, and Testing & Tracking to continue providing superior Security Services, enhanced with all the health and safety protocols necessary to keep your staff, team, cast & crew, employees, family – everyone – safe.


Knight Security has added an infectious disease prevention specialist to our COVID safety and mitigation team. His unique skill set allows Knight to seamlessly mesh our security and health safety solutions and protocols to provide comprehensive coverage for your production.

Our Disease Prevention Specialist will consult with your production team to outline safety protocols for COVID-19 prevention. This planning includes but is not limited to, establishing isolated “pods” of crew members with specific responsibilities, staggering start and end times to avoid cast and crew overlap wherever possible, developing site layouts and plans to mitigate personnel content, and more. We’ll also provide a comprehensive education for your team on PPE (personal protective equipment) use and safety procedures.

Knight’s Infectious Disease Prevention Specialist is a retired law enforcement officer with a master’s degree in security management, a master’s degree in education, and a bachelor’s degree in nursing.  He is a Charge Nurse responsible for hospital employees’ health and safety and a member of the Hospital Council for Prevention of Infectious Diseases. Our specialist has extensive training in personal protective equipment for mitigating the spread of communicable diseases and has real-world experience dealing with contact, droplet, and respiratory transmission of disease – including COVID-19.

Having an experienced Infectious Disease Specialist on sight allows us to mitigate any breaches of protocol or potential cases. The Knight team ensures that your staff, cast, and crew are using PPE properly and provides the most comprehensive protection.


The safety and health of your production team hinge on our ability to control their environment (your set), and everyone and everything moving in and out of it. Our Security Staff receives specialized training from our Infectious Disease Specialist to maintain a closed, clean set with all vendors and deliveries strictly scheduled and controlled.

We will have a designated Health Safety Officer on each production. This individual, a trained EMT, will also receive highly specialized training from our Infectious Disease Specialist. (S)he will be responsible for enforcing all protocols outlined in our Management/Mitigation plan, checking the temperatures of, and ensuring proper use of PPE, by all people entering the production, and maintaining “pod” isolation and social distancing amongst all team members.

Having everyone responsible for security on your production, also trained in health and safety protocols, allows every point of contact to be properly monitored and controlled to, as best as possible, protect your team. We remove as many potential variables from your production as possible, to enable us to control the remaining from every angle.

Masked Security Guard Checking Temperature


Knight Security has trained several members of our security personnel in COVID-19 mitigation and code compliance. Our certified COVID-19 Compliance Officers can mesh with your production crew to ensure full CDC, local and state guideline compliance, and mitigate risks for your production.

On-location and on-set productions are often places where people work closely with one another, and social distancing is difficult if not impossible. Our COVID-19 trained staff will work with your producers, coordinators, production assistants, and 1st ADs about on-set protocols related to COVID 19 as well as provide tools and resources for risk mitigation.

Our COVID-19 Compliance Officers are trained in:
– Spotting Symptoms
– Delegating responsibilities to the production team and cast
– Monitoring safety protocols
– Screening procedures
– Positive test protocols and risk mitigation
– Social Distancing
– Set hygiene
– Personal Protective Equipment use and acquisition

Our COVID-19 Compliance Officers are available for your production as a stand-alone resource, or part of our comprehensive health, safety, and security team.


Knight Security has partnered with East Village Environmental, a company founded on fighting COVID-19 in the workplace. Our sanitation team will disinfect high volume and trafficked areas regularly (trailers, equipment, entrances/exits), and the whole set at predetermined intervals. They will utilize a plant-based solution – EPA-approved, CDC-approved, on-toxic, hospital-grade disinfectant (killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses); without any harmful chemicals. Using this solution enables us to additionally “fog” your set with the same disinfectant, with no safety issues. We have enough health risks to worry about at the moment.

We will carry out all sanitization over and above of CDC protocols. Treated areas will be ready to re-enter 30 minutes after completion. We will not compromise on the cleanliness of your production.

Disinfectant sprayers treating for COVID-19

Personal Protective Equipment

Knight can procure Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for your production from our reputable, US-based supplier. We can equip trailers as medical units or create dedicated areas on-set for testing and PPE staging. The use of masks, face shields, gloves, and sanitizer is proven to reduce transmission of communicable respiratory viruses including COVID-19. We will ensure there is an adequate supply, and it is properly worn and deployed.

Equipment includes, but is not limited to:

  • 3-Ply Masks
  • KN95 Masks
  • Vinyl & Nitrile Gloves
  • Dupont Tyvek Jump Suits
  • Isolation Gowns
  • Face Shields & Goggles
  • Sanitizing Wipes
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Sanitizing Systems
  • Protective Safety Partitions
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Infrared Thermometers
  • Hygiene Stations / PPE Organizers


Ensuring the safety and protection of people is the highest security priority, followed by securing assets and materials. It’s why at Knight Security, our analysis of risk assessment and protocols covers the full range of possible security and safety vulnerabilities based on the location, immediate surroundings, production variables, and cast and crew.