Producing a film or TV show in New York City is a challenge. Regulations, permits, bureaucracy, and health and public safety protocols create hurdles to film production security that are unique to NYC. The team at Knight Security has hundreds of successful movies and TV shows in our dossier, and is fine-tuned to what you need from your production security guards. Our local knowledge lets us hit the ground running, able to quickly liaise with appropriate police and fire precincts, acquire the proper permits, assign a fully-trained and prepared team, and be ready and waiting for your start date.

Film production security guards discussing a traffic closure


Every production is different, and will have different priorities and different resources allocated for protection and safety on set. Movie and TV sets are usually high-energy environments, with people coming and going and continual activity. That’s why we train security guards (through our in-house training school KTI) to not just be competent, but fully qualified, so they are adaptable and can adjust to specific circumstances and needs as they arise. Our agents work from pre-established security protocols and procedures, but also continually work to identify potential risks, whether it is close protection, or crowd control. Risk assessments are conducted at the commencement of pre-production and are presented prior to principal photography. Additionally, risk assessments are reviewed daily, and with changes to schedule and other production parameters.


  • Liaising between the appropriate law enforcement precincts, production crew and client staff
  • Security guards trained in set security policies and procedures, shooting schedules, off-camera positions, and other production logistics
  • Security in the field and on-set
  • Asset management and protection
  • Close protection and escorts for talent
  • Crowd control
  • Audience searching and separation
  • Safeguarding equipment
  • Searching protocol, fire safety and evacuation
  • COVID-19 compliance
  • TV and film screening security
  • Security for press junkets and press tours
  • Red carpet and release party security
Movie Set Security TV Set Security New York City
Film screening security guards provided by Knight Security NY

Knight offers post-production security for events

Your project isn’t finished when the production wraps. Press tours and junkets, private screenings, and red carpet premiers all require security for talent and crowd control as well. COVID-19 protocols for public safety can add stress and additional processes to promotional events. Knight Security NY can work with your marketing team to ensure the safety of all your post-production promotional events. We provide event security, close executive protection for talent, and on-location or in-studio security for any necessary reshoots or b-roll. You can rest assured that your project is safe with Knight providing security from “Action” to audience applause.

Executive Protection for Talent and VIPs

Providing security services for film and tv productions, and the marketing and events surrounding them, doesn’t end when the day is wrapped or the guests have gone home. Keeping your production and promotions running smoothly requires a seamless transition between screenings, press junkets, red carpets, and celebrations. Knight Security can provide executive protection services for talent and VIPs including close protection, transportation and logistics, building security, and more to ensure the faces of your production are always smiling.

Film Security Executive Protection Services
TV Show Set Security for Bethany provided by Knight Security

What’s in a Name? Film Production Security

Film production security is known by many names: set security, watch guards (in California), motion picture security, film set security, location security, production security, studio security…all providing the same basic security services. Knight’s security agents are more extensively trained to production-specific needs, and close protection for VIP’s, than most company’s. We can provide role-specific agents (examples), and security for your post-production needs including tv show and film screenings, press tours, and red carpets.


Knight Security New York has over 15 years experience securing hundreds of movie, TV and talk show sets. Discipline and experience informs our tactics and strategies to ensure that security remains alert and assured through a long day on set or in the field. Our staff provides confidence and assurance as they treat guests, talent and audiences with respect and dignity. As NYC’s first choice for Movie and TV set security we’ve worked and continue to work with Sony Pictures, Entrada Productions, WP Telepictures, Food Network, MTV, ABC, and CBS, to name a few.