Knight Security brings over twenty years of experience to hotel security in NYC. After guest comfort, the most important element hotels provide is security. It’s vital that guests feel safe and their belongings are secure. Hotels have significant liability and lawsuit accountability for crimes committed on their properties. Knight Security is well aware of the myriad security issues that hotels face on a daily basis.

Knight Security will manage all aspects of hotel security systems, including armed security guards and unarmed security guards, electronic locks, camera surveillance, cyber security, internal theft, and can provide anti-terrorist protocols. We employ the same standards and practices as for general office building security services.

Despite all the technical acumen Knight Security can provide for optimum hotel security, the biggest difference we provide is the higher quality of our agents and guards. We emphasize prevention over intervention, and, over our years of experience, it’s proven to be an extremely cost effective method to avert down time, diminished bookings due to reputation loss, increased insurance costs, and lawsuits.

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