Security Logistics Services - Knight Security New York


You need to be where you’re supposed to be with a minimum of fuss and inconvenience. You also need to be safe. Security logistics is about making sure your time (and money) isn’t wasted traveling between locations, so our agents work closely with your team to prepare, organize and facilitate each day’s schedule. Advanced risk assessment will ensure our agents are familiar with any environment our clients attend, to ensure safe and timely movement— whether it’s arrivals and departures from airports, hotels, public appearances, press junkets, movie production sets, restaurants, or anything your day might bring.

Threat Assessment & Risk Assessment - Knight Security New York City


Assessing threats, managing risks and determining a solution is critical to our clients’ safety and security. It’s the first step toward developing and maintaining a threat and risk assessment security protocol—then we develop an effective threat mitigation plan. The outcome of this process is a prioritized list of threats, vulnerabilities and recommendations that will work with and accommodate our clients daily lives. This list shall be used to evaluate the acceptability of certain risks, make decisions concerning the allocation of investigative resources and security protocols to reduce vulnerability. Our teams will collect, review and maintain information from initial contact and work with clients all the way through court appearances if necessary.

Estate Security Services - Knight Security NYC


We know there is nothing more important than the protection of home and family. Knight Security specializes in Buildings & Facilities security and that large-scale experience translates to providing superior services for your home’s protection. Knight will provide a comprehensive security assessment for your residence. We’ll work with alarm companies, obtain local crime reports and determine law enforcement response time and general accessibility to your home. Our strategy will mitigate the possibility and opportunity for residential burglary and home invasion—whether our clients are at home or away. We’ll determine and recommend necessary safeguards, whether it’s water sensors, hidden cameras, art sensors, evacuation procedures, high-end alarm system or even safe rooms. You should always feel safe in your own home. Our residential security services make sure you will.