Knight is the premiere security guard company in New York City, and we take pride in our superior logistics, investigative, protection, and security services. Click on our individual security services to find out how we can assist with your needs, or contact us for a security assessment at (212) 609-3400 or using the form below.


When contracted to secure a venue or a permanent event space that holds a large variety of events throughout the year, your security company must have the resources, the personnel, and the experience. Depending on the space, event and venue security requirements can run the gamut from a gallery opening to a live concert, so it’s critical that your NYC security partner is intimate with the various security protocols and event space security systems. That's why you hire Knight Security.


Just as no two NYC buildings are exactly alike, no two building security plans are exactly alike. Knight provides security services to some of the most prestigious locations, companies, commercial and residential spaces in the city. Whether it’s a residential apartment, office space or private facility, each building’s security needs are unique and requires a site-specific, strategic approach to insure that security is optimized and efficient.


Knight Security has considerable experience organizing and securing events in NYC, indoors and out—from corporate events, concerts, conventions, fashion shows, Times Square branded events, pop-up stores, and a lot more. We work closely with producers to establish trust, proper strategies and potential contingencies. Our agents know they’re usually the first and last people guests encounter so they’re courteous and efficient, and will gladly assist in matters outside security when able.


Knight Security specializes in protecting Executives, VIPs and Celebrities with the best security agents, strategy, and knowledge available. We ensure our clients’ security and discretion, and cater to each of their individual needs. When assessing executive protection companies, remember - Knight provides the Security, Protection, and Confidence you need and deserve.


Knight Security New York has over 10 years experience securing more than 30 TV and talk show sets and celebrity talk shows, from Rikki Lake to Gossip Girls to Tyra Banks. Discipline and experience informs our tactics and strategies to ensure that security remains alert and assured through a long day on set or in the field.


Typically, commercial and video shoots are one to two-day day assignments. And, typically, the request for set security comes just before the last minute. That’s why we train agents to not just be competent, but adaptable, so they can adjust to the specific circumstances and needs of a commercial or video shoot.


Every building and facility in New York City needs a fire safety plan in place in order to save lives and minimize property damage. Knight Security knows that safety is of the utmost importance to our clients and we can provide efficient and effective plans for you.


Every building and facility in New York City needs an emergency action plan in place in order to save lives and minimize property damage. Knight Security knows that safety is of the utmost importance to our clients and we can provide efficient and effective emergency action plans for you.


Knight Security’s experience, logistical capacity and thorough advance work for celebrity protection for press tours separate us from other security companies in NYC. Our armed and unarmed guards and security agents are highly trained, certified, and insured. We treat all attendees from fans to the press with firm but careful discipline. And we’ve proved it by providing executive protection services to some of the highest profile celebrities and personages in the world.


Protecting live performance artists throughout a tour, including the crew, musical equipment, and other material goods requires concert tour security specialists. Usually concert tour security is split into two areas of concern: tour security and venue security. Knight Security provides concert tour security protocols, agents and teams that can ensure the safety of VIP's/artists and the equipment as well as coordinate with separate venue security throughout the tour.


Knight Security manages all aspects of hotel security systems, including armed security guards and unarmed security guards, electronic locks, camera surveillance, cyber security, internal theft, and can provide anti-terrorist protocols. We will also work with your team on COVID-19 safety and sanitation protocols for your business.


Knight Security can provide risk and threat assessment services to compliment any of our core security services. We also employ extensive security logistics planning in executing your security protocols for executive protection, productions, events, retail, and building security.

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