Protecting live performance artists throughout a tour, including the crew, musical equipment, and other material goods requires concert tour security specialists. Usually concert tour security is split into two areas of concern: tour security and venue security. Knight Security provides concert tour security protocols, agents and teams that can ensure the safety of VIP’s/artists and the equipment as well as coordinate with separate venue security throughout the tour. Knight Security’s executive bodyguard tour security can include expert close personal protection for key members of the band or artist, and involves threat assessments and general risks, securing transportation, and VIP escort duty to airports throughout the concert tour experience. We deliver frequent reports to the tour manager and keep regular communication open and available. In addition, we work closely with individual venue security, to coordinate their security system and emergency response plans. Our tour security guards are trained to be as discrete as they are vigilant.


  • Live Nation the UR Experience
  • Tourrihanna
  • Muse
  • Watch The Throne, Domestic Tour
  • Willow Smith Bible Tour, UK
  • VH1 You Oughta Know Live Concert


Knight Security New York is an industry-recognized leader in concert tour security, including security for VIP artists. Ed Troiano, founder, is now offering a Symposium on Executive Protection and VIP Security in conjunction with John Jay College. Executive Protection training from the best, for your team, for your career.

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