Keeping you and your tenants safe

As an office building security guard, if someone without proper identification attempts to enter the building, I take the following steps to ensure there is no unpermitted entry:

  1. I approach the person respectfully and greet them, offering assistance if needed, while maintaining a professional and friendly demeanor.
  2. I kindly ask the person to provide identification, such as an employee ID, a visitor’s pass, or any valid form of identification.
  3. I carefully examine the provided identification to check for any security features or marks that indicate its authenticity, paying close attention to the name and photo to ensure they match the person presenting the ID.
  4. Contact the building’s management or authorized personnel: If there are any doubts about the provided identification or if the person doesn’t have any, I would contact the building’s management or designated personnel who can confirm the individual’s authorization.
  5. If the office building has an electronic access control system, I use it to confirm the person’s authorization or restrict their access as necessary.
  6. Throughout the interaction, I am courteous and professional while remaining firm in enforcing security procedures.
  7. I make a record of the encounter, including the person’s description, the time and date, and the reason for their visit. This documentation is important for security and incident reports.
  8. If the individual lacks proper identification, I request that they wait in a designated area while I contact someone who can vouch for their identity or accompany them within the building.
  9. In the case of a suspicious or uncooperative individual, I use my radio or phone to alert my supervisor or request assistance from law enforcement if needed.
  10. I always adhere to the specific security protocols and procedures outlined by the building’s management and my employer.

Let Knight be your building security team

Balancing security with excellent customer service is a delicate task, but my primary focus is maintaining safety while following the established guidelines and training provided by Knight Security. If our protocols and expertise sound like they would be a fit for your building, we would be happy to consult with you on the best building security in New York City. Contact Us today!