Just as no two NYC buildings are exactly alike, no building security plan is exactly alike. Knight Security knows NYC. Unlike many security companies based in other states, we’re NYC born and raised. We provide security services to some of the most prestigious locations, companies, commercial and residential spaces in the city. Whether it’s a residential apartment, office space or private facility, each building’s security needs are unique and requires a site-specific, strategic approach to insure that security is optimized and efficient. Knight Security measures begins with a thorough site survey, assessing needs, risks, vulnerabilities, and contingency plans, and, of course, costs. We will then develop a comprehensive and customized security protocol and recommend a combination of security services.

Residential and commercial building security services include:

  • Providing uniformed security officers
  • Armed security and unarmed security guards
  • Access control
  • Electronic and CCTV security
  • Command center operations
  • Reception and concierge duties
  • Fire safety protocol
  • Comprehensive patrol policy, featuring optimized scheduling and methodology.

Ensuring the safety and protection of people is the highest security priority, followed by securing assets and facility operations. It’s why at Knight Security, our analysis of risk and protocols covers the full range of possible criminal and safety vulnerabilities based on the location, immediate surroundings, building purpose and contents of the facility or building.

Our team of security guards and agents are competent, thorough and dedicated to their task. How do we know? Our security agent training is so well regarded that even other security companies send agents to experience our state-of-the-art techniques. We can’t think of higher praise than that.

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