Typically, commercial and video shoots are one to two-day day assignments. And, typically, the request for set security comes just before the last minute. That’s why we train agents to not just be competent, but adaptable, so they can adjust to the specific circumstances and needs of a commercial or video shoot. Agents have to work quickly to establish security protocol and procedures, and identify potential risks whether it’s close protection or crowd control. You need a company – Knight Security – with the experience to hit the ground running, able to quickly establish contact with local law and fire departments, acquire the proper permits—and do it all without a mistake.


  • Liaise with local law enforcement and fire departments, production crew and client staff
  • Are familiar with union rules
  • Knowledge of set security policies and procedures, call sheets, shooting schedules, off-camera positions, and other production logistics
Commercial & Video Shoot Set Security - Knight Security New York

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