Every building and facility in New York City needs an emergency action plan in place in order to save lives and minimize property damage. Knight Security knows that safety is of the utmost importance to our clients and we can provide efficient and effective emergency action plans for you.

The Knight team has more than TEN years’ experience developing emergency action plans (EAP) for our clients in NYC.

We’ll work with you to create a plan and manual to meet the specific needs of your building or facility. Since the formation of the Knight Training Institute (KTI), we also train and provide emergency action staff to guide any emergency should one arise.


An emergency action plan is a written document that outlines the actions to be taken by employees in the event of an emergency. The plan typically includes details about how to respond to different types of emergencies, such as fires, medical emergencies, natural disasters, and active shooter situations.

The emergency action plan should be developed by your security team in collaboration with other stakeholders, such as building managers, first responders, and emergency management officials. The plan should be tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of the organization and its facilities, and should be reviewed and updated regularly to ensure that it remains current and effective.

The emergency action plan for security should include information about the roles and responsibilities of each member of the security team, as well as the procedures and protocols that they should follow in different emergency situations. This may include details about how to evacuate the premises, how to secure the building, how to provide first aid and medical assistance, and how to communicate with other members of the team and with first responders.

In addition to outlining the procedures and protocols that should be followed in different emergency situations, we will also include information about how to prepare for emergencies, such as conducting drills and training sessions, and how to recover from emergencies, such as repairing damage and restoring operations.

It is important for your building to have an emergency action plan because it helps to ensure the safety of all occupants and to minimize the damage caused by the emergency. The plan should outline the procedures to be followed for evacuating the building, as well as the roles and responsibilities of employees during an emergency. It is also important to periodically review and update the emergency action plan to ensure that it is current and effective.

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