Every building and facility in New York City needs a fire safety plan in place in order to save lives and minimize property damage. Knight Security knows that safety is of the utmost importance to our clients and we can provide efficient and effective plans for you.

The Knight team has more than A DECADE of experience developing fire safety plans for our clients in NYC.

We’ll work with you to create a plan and manual to meet the specific needs of your building or facility. Since the formation of the Knight Training Institute (KTI), we also train and provide fire safety experts and emergency action staff to guide any emergency should one arise.

Knight Security ensures that our fire safety plan meets all requirements of New York City which includes having an emergency action plan.

We make it a priority to stay current on fire preparedness measures and know the key to occupant safety is a well-trained work force. Our fire safety and EAP team will familiarize and educate your office building staff and tenants with the Comprehensive Fire Safety/Emergency Action Plan which has been accepted by the NYC Fire Department.

Our team will hold quarterly meetings so all occupants are aware of fire safety and emergency action procedures. We’ll review the procedures in the event of fire alarm activation or non-fire emergencies such as workplace violence or active shooters. Knight Security through KTI maintains a trained work force that will conduct bi-weekly inspections by our site supervisor and ensure that all the standards set forth by the FDNY are being met.

When hiring Knight Security to develop and oversee your fire safety plan, we’ll also create an emergency action plan that includes procedures for reporting a fire or other emergency, evacuation procedures and exit route assignments. Our priority is to divert building occupants away from a dangerous situation and prevent panic.

Your fire safety plan will also include the following services:

  • Inventory and inspection of fire extinguishers, AED defibrillators and exit signs

  • Inspection of all exit doors to ensure they’re working

  • Evacuation plan and exit routes

  • Drills

  • Personnel procurement and management including FDNY approved Fire Safety Director and Fire Guards

  • Emergency Response Plan Development

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    Emergency Staircase, part of a Fire Safety Plan for buildings