Knight Security has considerable experience organizing and securing events in NYC, indoors and out—from corporate events, concerts, conventions, fashion shows, Times Square branded events, pop-up stores, and a lot more. We work closely with producers to establish trust, proper strategies and potential contingencies. Our agents know they’re usually the first and last people guests encounter so they’re courteous and efficient, and will gladly assist in matters outside security when able. Events depend on guests leaving with a positive experience. We’re positive we’ll do our part.


Specific security guard training relating to working with celebrities (and their entourage), publicists and paparazzi—a 16 hour course. Site survey includes event logistics, security protocols and emergency preparedness plan. All of our employees have been privately vetted and investigated, and 75% of our staff have earned the rigorous NYC Fire Department Certificate of Fitness.

Special Event Security - Knight Security New York
Red Carpet Security - Knight Security New York City


Red carpet security in NYC is a little bit different. Crowds can get pretty big in hurry as public figures already face unprecedented public and media attention. This attention becomes even greater during widely publicized special events like award shows and movie premieres. Knight Security has been making red carpet experiences safe and secure for the famous and those who just want to be near them.

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Fashion show security is a frequently of making sure guests are where they’re supposed to be, that all talent is secure and comfortable, and foot traffic is moving smoothly and securely. Our security team will work with the client’s team to prepare, organize, and facilitate each day’s plans. Our security staff is highly trained and diversified, including Fire Safety Agents, Firemen, retired NYPD and EMTs. We are discreet, highly professional, and most of us look rather sharp in a well-cut suit.

Pop Up Store Security NYC - Knight Security New York


Pop up stores are designed to be quick attention grabbers for a limited time. And time is usually the one thing you’re short of. Knight security has the experience to step up and provide a dependable security team that will ensure everything goes smoothly and safely, and that all permits are secured and fire safety codes are complied with. From expert crowd control to loss prevention, our trained security staff make sure your store launches flawlessly.

Festival Security New York City - Knight Security


Festival security is best served by proper pre-planning. If necessary, Knight Security will provide a thorough risk and threat assessment. Additionally, Knight will secure all permits from city organizations, coordinate with local law enforcement and fire department, develop a strategy for auto and foot traffic, determine access for attendees, marketers, sponsors, and local businesses. We’ll manage crowd control to keep things moving smoothly for all, but have a plan in place for contingencies.

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