When contracted to secure a venue or a permanent event space that holds a large variety of events throughout the year, your security company must have the resources, the personnel, and the experience. Depending on the space, event and venue security requirements can run the gamut from a gallery opening to a live concert, so it’s critical that your NYC security partner is intimate with the various security protocols and event space security systems. That’s why you hire Knight Security.

We can plan and implement venue and event facility operations and protocols from the ground up, including safety principles and best practices procedures as well as audit your current venue and event space security systems. We review venue security plans, policies, and procedures as well as interview and liaise with promoters, local law enforcement and emergency responders. We develop a risk profile, including vulnerabilities, safety concerns, transport and communications, and provide recommendations to improve venue security and event security management effectiveness and efficiency. At Knight Security, working with internal events management and outside venue lessees will be a transparent and seamless process, ensuring that venue, customer safety is attended to regardless of “who’s in charge.” We only employ unarmed security guards and armed security guards in NYC who are experienced, certified & licensed, and insured. The security variables and requirements of the many different types of events at a given venue demand quality security protocols and quality security guards and agents.

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